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What is Digital Foodyz?

Digital Foodyz is an online restaurant management software. It includes digital marketing for restaurants, mobile app for restaurant and free restaurant pos systems. It’s an Innovative Technology & Digital Solution for restaurant business owner and point of sale system. Either you have a single restaurant or chain of the restaurant; Digital Foodyz will going to act as a very strong catalyst for your brand and business.

Online restaurant management software is good for ordering system, billing, accounting, bookkeeping, food inventory management, food marketing and all that you need. It is a cost-effective software for your restaurant.

Digital Foodyz is the best restaurant website design for empowering your business digitally.

Benefits of "Digital Foodyz"

The following are the various benefits of the solution Digital Foodyz:
Official Technology Empowered Digital Channel

To establish a strong and interactive official digital channel of your brand/restaurant that will be empowered technologically.

Increase of Restaurant Brand Value & Visibility

To increase the brand value of your restaurant and to further increase the overall visibility of your restaurant with the right target audience, this will enable to increase the popularity of your restaurant and more n more people will get to know about your brand.

Pull up Restaurant Online Reputation & creating Your Brand Hike

To improvise Online Reputation Management (ORM) & digital PR of your restaurant/brand as an authentic restaurant, this will increase the credibility of the restaurant.

Increase in Restaurant Business

To increase the business of your restaurant by driving more digital traffic. Also, in-case you are doing parties then doing the potential lead generation for party booking enquiries.

Importance of Digital Foodyz?

With technological advancement and digitization, the current era of Food Industry is getting digitized at a rapid rate and the ones who will step forward early will going to become the Food Industry Kings. Moreover, as an example Zomato, Swigy, etc; major food business lies on them, which shows the importance of Technology & Digital in Food Industry for business owners.
Restaurant POS Software
500 +

Coffee Order

8000 +

Restaurant Campaign Execution

5 Years +


Just Need To Spend ₹ 41/day To Increase Your Business

Restaurant POS Software
Online Restaurant Management Software
Ultimate Solution
Online Restaurant Management Software

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Overview of Digital Foodyz

Features of Digital Foodyz – What it will cover?

Digital Foodyz is a consolidated solution that covers the technology and digital end of your restaurant. Following are the various features.
Restaurant POS Software

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Customer Reviews

Sachin Sain

Digital Foodyz Solution connects the dots from corporate strategy and objectives to digital distribution, marketing execution and measurable results.


I've been using Digital Foodyz Solutions for over 2 years now to have my business on the front page of Google. I couldn't be happier with my results and the customer service! I would highly recommend them!!


The team are true professionals who have helped us in growing our chain of restaurants immensely.

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